I’m thrilled you’re here! Welcome! I’m Jenn, the owner of Life is Art Studios.

I’ve always had a passion for the arts; an eye for detail, and an absolute NEED to be creative in every aspect of my life. My Photographic work is greatly influenced by my background in Graphic Design & the 9 years I worked in the field. Creating art calls to me. It moves me.  It makes my heart happy when I think about all of the elements combining to create the perfect photo session!

I’m a wife, and mom to three little boys who make me laugh (and sometimes cry) daily. Living in a house full of males has awakened my appreciation for perfectly imperfect moments and allows me to provide an honest version of life as art!

I LOVE the simple things in life… like lemonade, Lego building, baking, sewing & crafting.

I’m inspired by gorgeous light & textures.

I’m a country girl at heart & wish I lived surrounded by horses.

Our Ragdoll named Bear is the most beautiful cat in the whole world.

I wish my front lawn was covered in wild flowers rather than grass.

I think Heaven will smell like newborn babies.


I want to spend the rest of my life with sleeping babies in my arms, making them smile & giggle, all the while freezing-in-time their perfect little selves. I never want to forget a single moment of my own little ones precious lives. My goal in life is to preserve all these memories so someday we’ll look back & remember the simpler times. When joy & laughter, & a lot of CrAzY filled the walls of our home. I strive to do the same for my clients.